Dr. Martin Muir

Martin has led the technical web development for the WE Africa platform. He is passionate about the power of digital tools to help transform and scale conservation impact. For the past 7 years has been building the Digital, Communications and Marketing team at Blue Ventures – transforming stories of their work from across their international teams into a wide variety of interactive digital and print media – websitesblogsphoto stories and more – supporting Blue Ventures open source approach to proactively raise the voices and build the capacity of the coastal communities they work with.

Martin has a PhD in climate change adaptation and conservation policy from the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience, with a focus on advanced GIS and socio-ecological modelling working with stakeholders at multiple scales from site practitioners to international policy makers. His research and teaching on climate change adaptation and conservation policy took a full system approach, including mapping and modelling climate change scenarios, hydrological and ecological impacts, vulnerability and resilience assessment and the creation of policy relevant decision support tools for environmental management and conservation strategy.