The 12 month journey of WE Africa is traversed through six key phases, reflecting our connection with nature and the earth and the elevation of your personal and collective leadership from self through your relationships to collective impact and paying it forward.

Phase 1 - Preparing the soil

Welcoming you to the community, setting expectations and preparing you for your journey.

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Phase 2 - Sowing the seeds

Why are we here and where are we heading together?

Create a shared, safe space to know yourself and one another. Build wellbeing and resilience to sustain you long-term. You will be introduced to a process of facilitated dialogue which will be used as a vehicle throughout the 12 months as a way of creating inclusive, safe spaces for more vulnerable conversations about each of your stories and lived experiences.

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Phase 3 - Growing the roots

Deepen your leadership identity.

Drawing from the research of Dr. Brené Brown, you will learn that courage is a skillset that can be taught, observed and measured, in both yourself and others. Developing your courage skills will shift how you engage in tough conversations, make decisions, build inclusive teams, engage effectively with stakeholders and overcome the many challenges and obstacles that come with being a leader and a woman in the environmental arena.

Phase 4 - New shoots and bearing the fruit

Create your leadership roadmap

Here we shift from self-leadership to leadership of others and building productive relationships to enable you to have those difficult conversations, collaborate effectively and feel less alone. Create your leadership roadmap: set your vision, hone your strategic mindset and creativity, see your visibility as a tool for influence and have your voice heard in new ways. And of course, continue to work on your personal wellbeing goals and the wellbeing of others around you.

Phase 5 - Harvest

Scale your strategic leadership and influence.

See how collaboration can translate into community-building and collective impact. Delve into a series of optional workshops and sessions.

Work with your WE sisters on a collective challenge and take the movement forward.

Phase 6 - Sharing the seeds

Paying it forward

As part of the WE Africa community, you will continue achieving excellence in environmental leadership and participate in various mentorship opportunities to begin the WE ‘paying it forward’ mentality. With your help, the WE Africa team will continue long- term assessment of program impacts to inform future cohorts and the potential for additional follow-up support through the alumnae network and other leadership programs. You will be connected to other opportunities and networks with similar values through the WE Umbrella. Twenty new women will join the WE Africa experience in January 2022 to start the next cycle; they are us.

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