Five Foundational Pillars

As women leaders we can change the way conservation and environmental protection is done in Africa by taking our place at decision-making tables and using our influence to create a community of practise that builds our resilience and brings others along with us. This will ultimately lead to greater environmental impact. Through examining our own journeys and with the help of leadership experts, WE Africa has identified five pillars that form the foundation of the WE Africa leadership experience.


Personal Leadership Growth

You will be able to clearly identify your leadership style, values, purpose and goals and lead with greater self-awareness, courage and influence.


Wellbeing and Wellness

You will feel healthier and more energized through a focus on holistic wellbeing and stress management tools, no matter where you work or what challenges you face. This will improve your resilience so you can keep going and pay it forward to others.


Relationships of Collaboration and Peacebuilding

You will be able to build and maintain more productive relationships and help create a culture of collaboration and inclusion, rather than competition.



Visibility for Impact

You will understand how authentic visibility is grounded in an understanding of your personal values and vision. You will be able to use your visibility for personal and collective impact within your communities, teams, organisations and countries. You will share new ideas that will inspire you and foster innovation. 


Radical Imagination

You will cultivate a growth mindset and be able to more easily embrace failure and take smart risks. You will be inspired and equipped to “pay it forward” by helping other women in your network on their own leadership journeys and grow the WE Africa community into a movement across Africa and beyond.