Scale your strategic leadership, visibility and influence. See how collaboration and dialogue  can translate into community-building , collective impact and social change.

Work with your WE sisters on a collective challenge and take the movement forward.


  • Practise your skills in facilitated dialogues and peacebuilding for conservation and how to have productive win-win conversations: explore power dynamics, and how to influence them.
  • Explore visibility for collective impact: how collaboration and building a platform for influence can create larger shifts.
  • Enhance your strategic mindset and capability to support larger causes to scale impact.
  • Create a collective WE Africa challenge to grow the WE movement: what will you take out into the world, together?
  • Celebrate your collective journey to date: share progress, celebrate challenges and accomplishments and commit to the way forward.
  • Connect with leadership council members and key influencers across the world to continue to build the WE community and catalyse change in the African environmental space.
  • Consolidate your leadership, relationships, visibility and wellbeing journeys.
  • Engage in a personal assessment of your progress: celebrate your wins and challenges and adjust your roadmap for the coming year.
  • Undertake the collective challenge with your WE sisters; bring the power of your connection and collaboration to life!
  • Set your plan for living your leadership values and paying it forward with your teams, colleagues, and others to spark the movement.
  • Participate in optional short sessions to improve your specific skills in topics such as:
    • Facilitation
    • Engaging with the media
    • Influencing policy
    • Digital transformation
    • Financial management
    • Fundraising
    • Board development
    • Organizational development (strategic planning and theory of change)
  • Space is intentionally left here for the cohort to help create the final months of the program.
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Phase Includes

  • 6 Sessions