Phase 4


Here we shift from self-leadership to leadership of others and building productive relationships to enable you to have those difficult conversations, collaborate effectively and feel less alone. Create your leadership roadmap: set your vision, hone your strategic mindset and creativity, see your visibility as a tool for influence and have your voice heard in new ways. And of course, continue to work on your personal wellbeing goals and the wellbeing of others around you.


  • Manage difficult conversations and practise fostering productive relationships based on collaboration not competition so you can be more effective, feel less alone, and develop stronger networks.
  • Introduction to the three pillars of visibility.
  • Your leadership roadmap: setting your own strategic path.
  • Building strategic influence: relationship building, managing stakeholders and communicating with greater impact.
  • Gain proficiency in the strategic influencing tool, GAMPER, for use in every communication setting, large and small.
  • Understand your learning style and how to engage others more effectively.
  • 100-day challenge: bring your roadmap to life.
  • Regular masterclasses and conversations with extraordinary leaders from Africa and beyond particularly to explore intelligent failure, risk taking, collaboration, and inclusion and diversity.
  • Introduce ways to spark innovation using your right brain, and the importance of a growth mindset via key speakers and conversation starters.
  • Continue to deepen the personal leadership insights you uncovered in the retreat with your coach so that you can layer the leadership skills you are learning onto a strong sense of self belief and worthiness as a woman and leader.
  • Continue to hone your personal wellbeing goals so that they are embedded in daily life and start to explore how wellbeing lessons learned can be shared with others.
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Phase Includes

  • 11 Sessions