Phase 3


Deepen your leadership identity. Drawing from the research of Dr. Brené Brown, you will learn that courage is a skillset that can be taught, observed and measured, in both yourself and others.

Developing your courage skills will shift how you engage in tough conversations, make decisions, build inclusive teams, engage effectively with stakeholders and overcome the many challenges and obstacles that come with being a leader and a woman in the environmental arena.


  • Deep-dive into vulnerability and what it means to you to be a leader and change-maker.
  • Courage as a skillset: the four pillars of courage-building to fuel self-awareness, relationships, resilience and impact.
    • Rumbling with vulnerability
    • Living into your values
    • Braving-trust
    • Rising strong from failure
  • Wellbeing for leaders: building and sustaining physical, mental and emotional health to support your leadership and impact.
  • Deepening new practices around wellbeing, wellness and self-care.
  • Dialogue: Begin the conversation around the WE Africa movement and how we will get there (this will be built on in the second retreat), what needs to happen, and how will we get there together.
  • Building a shared plan for Adaptation and Understanding work that will guide your own learning as participants, individually and collectively, and help us adapt and change WE Africa to meet your needs.
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Phase Includes

  • 9 Sessions