2023 Phase 5


Scale your strategic leadership and influence. See how collaboration can translate into community-building and collective impact. Work with your WE sisters on a collective challenge and take the movement forward.


  • Practise your skills in facilitated dialogues and peacebuilding for conservation and how to have productive, restorative conversations: explore power dynamics, and how to influence them.
  • Explore visibility for collective impact: how collaboration and building a platform for influence can create larger shifts.
  • Enhance your strategic mindset and capability to support larger causes to scale impact.
  • Celebrate your collective journey to date: share progress, celebrate challenges and accomplishments and commit to the way forward.
  • Connect with leadership council members and key influencers across the world to continue to build the WE connect community and catalyse change in the African environmental space.
  • Consolidate your leadership, relationships, visibility and wellbeing journeys.
  • Facilitate your own dialogues within this safe space to hone your skills and create the community of practise.
  • Undertake a collective challenge with your WE sisters; bring the power of your connection and collaboration to life and pay it forward!

The end of your yearlong WE lead journey will only be the “end of the beginning”. Through WE connect you will continue achieving excellence in environmental leadership and will “pay it forward” in your spheres of influences still connected to the WE Africa alumnae and community with additional support to implement your vision. With your help, the WE Africa team will continue long-term assessment of program impacts to inform future cohorts. Twenty new women will join the WE Africa experience in January 2023 to start the next cycle; they are us.

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