2022 Phase 2


Create a shared, safe space to know yourself and one another. Make the case for wellbeing and resilience as acts of self-care to sustain you long-term. You will be introduced to a process of facilitated dialogue which will be used as a vehicle throughout the 12 months as a way of creating inclusive, safe spaces for more vulnerable conversations about each of your stories and lived experiences.


  • ┬áMeet the WE Africa team and each other.
  • Establish the community and a shared, safe space to learn and collaborate.
  • Understand and articulate your own learning journey as an individual: what do you need to do to support your own experience, and what support will you need?
  • Context-setting: why are we here? Understanding of the systemic context and your spheres of influence.
  • Explore the realities of leading as a woman in this arena and what’s needed to tackle them. What do you think needs to change?
  • Launch Open Circles dialogue process as a safe space for deeper discussion, connection, and exploration.
  • Start 1:1 coaching to support your personal leadership growth, accountability, and goals.
  • Wellbeing focus: gain clarity on your current state of wellbeing and opportunities for growth.
  • Establish practices to sustain your overall wellbeing into the future and enable you to have the energy to pay it forward without losing yourself.
  • Building a shared plan for Understanding and Adapting work that will guide your own learning as participants, individually and collectively, and help us adapt and change WE Africa to meet your needs.
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Phase Includes

  • 4 Sessions