2022 Phase 1


Welcoming you to the community, setting expectations and preparing you for your journey.

Over the next weeks as you prepare for your journey with, WE Africa, we ask you to reflect on how you can restructure your time to ensure that you can participate in the 8 hours of online learning and facilitated dialogue that will take place each month in addition to 1-2 hours executive coaching starting the week of January 17th. You will also need to schedule in 8 full days in person for two retreats (each retreat will be 4 days, including travel time) as Covid-19 allows.

Please complete the short questionnaire attached so that we can structure the calendar to meet the needs of the majority. The first retreat will be held in Botswana, in the week commencing 21st February 2022.


  • Complete the questionnaire to allow us to set times for the online sessions.
  • Mark the dates of the first retreat in your diary.
  • Complete your Understanding and Adapting entry interview.
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